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Master the Wedding Film Edit

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Instructors: Daniel Miller, Clay Vaughan, Caleb Harris
Course Duration: 6 Hours 38 minutes

Module #1:
Course Introduction

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Getting Started

Module #2:
Philosophy of Cinematic Storytelling

  1. How to Harness the Captivating Power of Story
  2. The Best Way to Understand the Wedding Film Genre
  3. How to Engage Emotion in a Wedding Film
  4. Practical Editing Floor Tips for Serving the Couple
  5. The 2 Simple Story Arcs that Will Revolutionize Your Wedding Films
  6. How to Effectively Apply the Story Arcs to Your Edits
  7. Your Challenge & Next Steps

Module #3:
The Value of Color

  1. Getting Started with Color
  2. How to Master the Unwritten Standards of Color
  3. How to Get the Most Out of Your Footage
  4. Dynamic Range: Practical Comparisons to Understand Professional Image Quality
  5. Bit Depth: Is 10 Bit Really Worth It?
  6. Chroma Subsampling: How to Understand Your Image’s Color Clarity
  7. Gamma: Is Shooting in Log Really Worth It?
  8. Color Space: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve
  9. Codecs: How to Maintain Your Quality When Your Competition Can’t
  10. How to Read Your Image Like a Pro
  11. The 8 Easy Steps in the Color Grading Workflow
  12. Example 1: Pocket 6K on DaVinci Resolve
  13. Example 2: RED Dragon on DaVinci Resolve
  14. Example 3: Pocket 6K on Final Cut Pro
  15. Master the Single Most Important Extracurricular Tool
  16. Create & Accentuate Color Schemes
  17. How to Make Your Images Stand Out Above the Competition
  18. How Color Matching Can Make Or Break You
  19. Color Matching Pt. 2: Hero Angle (Primary A Cam)
  20. Color Matching Pt. 3: Safety Cams
  21. Color Matching Pt. 4: Secondary & Primary B Cam
  22. Color Matching Pt. 5: Shot-to-Shot
  23. Your Challenge & Next Steps

Module #4:
Master the Art of Sound Editing

  1. Sound Editing Made Simple
  2. Which Standards to Follow When Editing Sound
  3. How to Create Crisp & Clear Audio Quality with the Equalizer
  4. How to Identify Improperly Balanced EQ Regions
  5. What Do You Do With Unfixable Audio Issues?
  6. The Five Simple Steps to Master Vocals
  7. How to Prep Your Track For Best Results
  8. The Pro Approach to Attacking the EQ
  9. How to Identify and Remove Bad Frequencies
  10. How to Ensure the Bride Never Has to Reach for the Volume Remote
  11. The Best Way to Finish Your Track
  12. How to Apply the Five Steps with Default NLE Sound Tools
  13. How to Never Get Stuck When Editing Audio
  14. Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Foley
  15. Your Challenge & Next Steps

Module #5:
Craft Award Winning Films in Record Time

  1. Bringing it All Together
  2. What to Take Into Account for an Effective Workstation
  3. Why You Should Take Your Project Setup Seriously
  4. What to Look For When Assessing Your Project
  5. Build the Documentary Film
  6. Create the Multicams
  7. Create the Transitionary Highlights
  8. Cut the Multicams
  9. Build the Highlight Film
  10. Music Selection Pt. 1: How to Lay It Out
  11. Music Selection Pt. 2: Assess the Cut
  12. Audio Arrangement Pt. 1: Setup
  13. Audio Arrangement Pt. 2: Pick Your Audio
  14. Audio Arrangement Pt. 3: Place Your Audio
  15. Audio Arrangement Pt. 4: Assessing Your Work
  16. Clip Arrangement Pt. 1: Selecting Your Clips
  17. Clip Arrangement Pt. 2: Editing Your Intro
  18. Clip Arrangement Pt. 3: Assessing the Highlight Edit
  19. Clip Arrangement Pt. 4: Full Film Watch-Through
  20. How to Self-Review and Export Your Wedding Film
  21. How to Stay Creative, Edit Faster, and Never Burn Out
  22. Your Challenge & Next Steps

About The Instructors

Daniel Miller

Award Winning Feature Film Editor


Founder, Reverent Wedding Films

Caleb Harris

Filmmaker, Reverent Wedding Films



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  • Foundational Skills
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