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How to run a successful business

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We’re giving you everything you need to know from start to finish to building a HIGHLY PROFITABLE wedding business. Our coaches have built multiple multi-million dollar businesses, and we’re going to teach you how to do the same thing.

Instructors: Clay Vaughan, Emily Dill, Bailey Butts
Course Duration: 3 Hours 54 minutes

Module #1:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Getting Started

Module #2:
Sales & Marketing

  1. Overview
  2. Why Your Company Name Matters
  3. How to Draw Your Clients Into the Story
  4. How to Clarify Your Audience and Talk About Your Business
  5. What to Take Into Account When Building Your Logo
  6. Designing a Website That Engages Your Audience
  7. Is a DIY Website Builder a Smart Choice?
  8. How to Ensure Your Website Converts
  9. Understanding the Data from Your Website
  10. How to Make Smart Business Pivots with Your Customer’s Data
  11. Are Directories Like the Knot Worth the Investment?
  12. How to Make Tens of Thousands at Wedding Shows and Exhibits
  13. Wedding Magazines – Are They Worth It?
  14. How to Make Money by Hiring an Ad Agency
  15. Which Advertising Channels Work
  16. How to Have a Powerful Sales Funnel
  17. The 7 Easy Steps for Your Sales Pipeline
  18. How to Get Better at Closing the Sale
  19. See the Script in Action – Real Life Sales Call
  20. Get the Scoop – Sales Script Play-by-Play
  21. How to Never Lose a Sale to Busy-ness
  22. Finding the Best Tools for Your Business
  23. Determining Your Product Pricing
  24. How to Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  25. How to Determine Your Packages
  26. Your Challenge and Next Steps

Module #3:

  1. Overview
  2. Foundations of Good Communication
  3. Creating Clear Communication Within Your Team
  4. How to Win at Vendor Communication
  5. Why You Need to Lay Out a Clear Plan for Your Clients
  6. How to Create a High Quality Customer Experience
  7. How to Ask For and Manage Reviews
  8. Setting and Sticking with Processes
  9. Simplify Your Business with a CRM
  10. Maintaining Your Product’s Quality
  11. Your Challenge and Next Steps

About The Instructors

Clay Vaughan

Founder, Reverent Wedding Films

Founder of multi-million dollar wedding film business.

Emily Dill

Client Care Coordinator, Reverent Wedding Films

Sales expert, serving over 1,000 brides per year

Bailey Butts

Director of Sales, Reverent Wedding Films

Sales expert, host of "The Road to I Do" podcast


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  • Achieve the success you want to achieve
  • Save time by having everything you need
  • Land more bookings
  • Close more sales
  • Improve your skills


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